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Life Cycle Asset Management Made Simple.


Easy to use
CLARAFY’s user-friendly interface is designed to bring as much clarity to a facilities asset management as possible. Access the full maintenance and repair history of all your ARA-serviced assets – across all of your properties – in one place.

All on the same page
CLARAFY serves as the direct link between ARA’s management, clients and technicians on the road and keeping everyone on the same page with live, wireless status updates across all devices.

Stay on top of compliance
We know the importance of meeting compliance standards and requirements across your buildings. That’s why CLARAFY® is a real-time reporting system designed to take the legwork, guesswork and paperwork out of extensive and compliant asset management.

Automatic work orders
CLARAFY schedules ongoing maintenance and automatically generates work orders; helping identify, predict and respond to faults in a timely manner.

Access CLARAFY on all of your electronic devices.

Total transparency
CLARAFY’s reports form the basis of our quoting and invoicing. All reporting conducted on site is updated in real-time by our technicians, to verify that the job has been done.

Compatible with bSecure
bSecure is a system that allows facility managers to access the full history of any asset in their building, no matter who maintains it. CLARAFY integrates with the bSecure system and can retrieve information on any asset with a bSecure sticker and QR code.

No extra charge
CLARAFY is purpose-built for ARA and has been an integral part of our service delivery for over 10 years, at no extra charge.

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